Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Different Kind of Friday Night

August 29, 2008. The gang gathered tonight but it was not our usual theme party. There was a real life death in the family of one of our gang so we got together for friendship and support.

We still had some laughs though! Friends can be a help for healing, even in the virtual world.

Pictured left to right: Apache, Simon, Bo, me, Karina (and her bunny), Cirrus, Kayla. Not pictured but were there: Krpt, Emalee, Katia, Dirk, Jaelyn.

Also not seen too well is the lovely 3 diamond past, present, future ring I was given earlier that evening :) Virtual life is full of suprises!

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Friday Night Again!

Another Friday night theme party! Whether its surfing or togas, we love our Friday night tradition! Many aren't in these pictures but as we know it's so hard to get everyone posed and facing forward! Top picture: Simon, Apache, Kayla, Bo and me. Bottom picture: from left to right Arlow, Kayla, Bo, me, Nathan, Anna, Bridget and Simon. Missing from the picture (but present) are Apache, Karina, Mauro, Cough, Cirrus, Charlie and Angel.
We've added "destination" parties so that's why we all went surfing. In the weeks to come we'll go racing, biking, skydiving, dress like olympians, 80's rock stars and nekkos.
Oh, what's a nekko? ha ha stay'll see!

Friday, August 15, 2008

More Love...

Ik hou van jou means I love you in Dutch. All I can say is that Bo had me from hello...some things just can't be planned---in real life or Second Life. Neither of us were looking, in fact we were more not looking than anything else! But, sometimes fate has other plans for you despite your best intentions to just go along your merry way solo. And, isn't that the most sweetest surprise of all when your best laid plans go belly up? I'm smiling again, singing again and my heart skips a beat when we're together.
Yeah, I've fallen...and this time I'm not getting up!

Love is in the Air!

It's August and love is definitely in the air! My SL sister, Anna and her love, Gus got married in their castle with a few friends around to celebrate their SL union. I was honored to be one of her witnesses.

It was a lovely, romantic wedding and the groom even sang a song to his beloved :) You can't get more romantic than that! Many happy times to you both, Anna and Gus!

This isn't the last wedding for us to attend---this weekend is my old friend Haley's wedding and a new pair of friends, Endo and Anastasia. Last, but not least (and maybe not the last of all the parties!) is an engagement party for Puglet next week.

Wonder what is in the SL air or in the water? Pass me some...

Friday, August 8, 2008

An Evening at Phat Cats

Despite the best of plans, SL can sometimes (oftentimes?) throw you a curve ball. Out the window were plans to attend a best in wings contest, then a red or black contest. Since winning my Queen of the Month crown last week I am on a quest to win more contests and titles! But SL had its own mind last night. Events were cancelled or empty because people could not tp nor log in.
So, the 4 of us (Apache, Simon, Bo and me) wound up at the uber formal place, Phat Cats where romance and bluesy sounds fill the air. It tends to be a quiet place with most people in private IM or voice chat. Changes in plans are frustrating but they can also result in unexpected adventures and fun. We hadn't planned to go to Phat's, there were no contests to win there but sometimes it's not a title or lindens you can win...sometimes it can be much more.
Sometimes you can win someone's heart :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


One thing about Second Life is that it can be a very lonely place unless you make connections. Tonight Bo and I went with our friends to Bedrock for bowling, racing, and a game of miniature golf. But, I lost my golf club before I even started. I fared much better in bowling, however...and held my own in racing. Ok, fine. I admit it. I drove 30 mph but hey I made it to the finish line!
SL is an incredible social networking medium. But the most amazing thing about SL are the connections you make that you would most likely never make in your real life.
For instance, our friends Apache & Simon. Apache is from New England area of USA and her partner is from Germany. Cultural divides fade, friendships are forged and accents become things of interest. Could they have met outside of SL? Maybe, but most likely not. Fate does have its own ideas though and perhaps SL was one of its vehicles.
Bo is from way up from Scandinavia country. Would we have ever bumped into each other in the physical world? I doubt it. Yet, we delight in discovering one another and talk for hours, sharing and laughing.
This mix of accents is delicious to the ear.Accent? Well, their accents, that is. What? Who has an accent? Moi? Hey, I'm just a Jersey Girl from the northeast who goes down the shore in the summer, walks the dawg and drinks cawfee. Accent? Nah...
Really. You ought to hear me speak Dutch. No accent at awl. Nope.

Everyday's a Parade

Ok, it doesn't look exactly like a Macy's Parade at Thanksgiving and yea, the NYC area seems a bit "off" but it's the thought that counts I think.
Where but in Second Life can you have an ongoing Macy's Parade strutting their stuff down main street any time you want it?
Where else can you sit on King Kong's shoulder on top of the Empire State Building?
They say all the world's a stage. I think no where else is that truer than in SL. This wonderful, vast virtual immersive world is an ever evolving canvass and our imagination is the paint. Whatver you think can become.
Explore, enjoy, laugh,'s all possible here in the home I call Second Life!

A new life has begun! II Cor 5:17

A new life has begun! II Cor 5:17
God's GPS