Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Friday Night Again!

Another Friday night theme party! Whether its surfing or togas, we love our Friday night tradition! Many aren't in these pictures but as we know it's so hard to get everyone posed and facing forward! Top picture: Simon, Apache, Kayla, Bo and me. Bottom picture: from left to right Arlow, Kayla, Bo, me, Nathan, Anna, Bridget and Simon. Missing from the picture (but present) are Apache, Karina, Mauro, Cough, Cirrus, Charlie and Angel.
We've added "destination" parties so that's why we all went surfing. In the weeks to come we'll go racing, biking, skydiving, dress like olympians, 80's rock stars and nekkos.
Oh, what's a nekko? ha ha stay'll see!

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A new life has begun! II Cor 5:17

A new life has begun! II Cor 5:17
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