Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh, the wonders!

One of the best things in Second Life are the wonderous places to explore and visit! Often, Peter and I are way too busy to take a moment to wander and travel across the sims but when we do...well, the breathtaking sights remind us that SL is a place of intense creativity and imagination.

Each place has been built from the ground up. Each object built, sculpted, colored and designed to the smallest detail by the steady hand and mouse of it's creator. Where once flat, virgin land lay now are monuments, cities, caves, harbors and jungles. These treasures are sprinkled across the SL universe just waiting to be visited and savored.

Tonight we explored several sims, beginning with The Lost Gardens of Apollo. This sumptuous, lavish place is a wonder to behold. Even the music is lush and exotic. It would take hours to explore its every nook and cranny--if you can get in, that is! It's not mistake that this sim is always full. The grandeur is beyond measure.

Aside from the sights, there are also activities such as tai chi, flying carpets and hiking. There are also numerous spots just to meditate, ponder or relax. You can also dance at their salsa themed plaza. It is without saying that it is perhaps one of the most romantic places to take your special someone. But, you won't be alone much lol, this place is packed with visitors. Apollo is PG rated and no voice is allowed. This keeps it safe for everyone and aside from the occasional (ok not so occasional) newbie faux pas of public chat texting, it's pretty much a quiet interlude.

Another wonderful place to visit is Celestial Requiem NYC/WTC. The sim creators and designers work hard to recreate the flavor of New York City in order to honor its history and 9/11 tragedy. And, typical of SL, the work is international. The designer who lovingly created the Statue of Liberty is from England. He even created a 1920's replica of a baseball stadium with a working baseball game script! Lots to see and do in Second Life NYC, including shopping and events. The World Trade Center Towers are incredible structures and gives one pause. Being from near NYC, the memory of those huge monoliths still brings tears to my eyes. It's an honorable thing Mel Regent did to dedicate a sim to one of the greatest cities on Earth.

Yet another very cool sim isn't land at all. It's a sphere! And, inside that sphere is the moon, complete with working equipment, a racing explorer vehicle and offers of free moon boots and spacesuits! To make it even more fun, the moon boots create footprints on the moon's surface. But, really aside from the fun is the realism. This is 3D immersive web 2.0 at it's best. It's simple yet very effective. Elon University created Elon Moon base and I hope they continue to create other planets to land on, like Mars and Saturn. Maybe a black hole....

Where else but in Second Life can you travel from an Arabian style harbor to New York City to the moon all in one night? And, I didn't even have to worry about having 3 oz bottles in a gallon sized plastic bag to carry or a passport!

Now, if Second Life's client viewer would just remain stable with the next upgrade, there will be more places to go and see to satisfy my wanderlust.

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A new life has begun! II Cor 5:17

A new life has begun! II Cor 5:17
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