Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't Put Off Things

Last night was the season finale of the new Terminator series on tv and I may be the only person in the USA watching it but I really wanted to see it. However, my time was needed for other things. Yea, I have a DVR but it's not the same as watching it as it happens, not a day or two later. I was torn. Do I do the "right thing" and use my time like a good steward or do I make an excuse to myself (and other people) and cave in to my "need" to see the tv show? hmmm therein lie the cux of the matter. Ok, I know (and we all know) that good deeds do not earn us a place in heaven, still the book of James advises us not to put off doing good to help someone in need. So, what did I do in the end?
What do you think I did?


Kristie Oliva said...

Oh, no! Aren't you gonna tell us?

Haha The little I know about you, Brielle, would get me thinking that you did the right thing.

I'm here picturing that you used your time the best way and it really made you feel great for God expects from us this living sacrifice. And what do we get in return? We shouldn't think about having a compensation at all but, as a matter of fact, we get the joy of being at the center of His will. And that's a wonderful feeling! That's right: we get something in return! We do good which is great and there's still a bonus! Something that we don't deserv but that Our Holy Lord is eager to give us. Let's them eagerly give Him our time. Thanks for the reflection. It was very inspirational.

I just wonder something... Were you able to watch it later? I know it's not the point but I'm curious.

Brielle Coronet said...

Hi Kristie,
Yes, I did the "right thing" because it's not for me, it's because the Holy Spirit called to me and hey, you don't just say no to the Holy Spirit, do ya?! I have the finale on DVR and umm, just got it and haven't yet figured out how to watch it lol...another techophobic moment, one of many.
I'd love to subscribe to your blog but the instructions weren't in English. If you point me in the right direction on your page I'll be your number 1 fan!

Ewan Glenelg said...

Hi! So good to see comments here, Brielle, and I love how you left your new entry open-ended to encourage folks to comment.

You're sure right - no saying no to the Holy Spirit. :-D

I'd be happy to help you try to figure out your new DVR - each one seems to be a little different.

I pray God continues to bless you and use you mightily today.

A new life has begun! II Cor 5:17

A new life has begun! II Cor 5:17
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